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The Surprising Benefits of Being a “YES” Woman

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No one taught me to be a “YES” woman.  My teachers taught me to dissect, debate, and defend. My mentors tell me leaders are usually going against the tide. My parents taught me to be independent, assertive, curious, loyal, kind, and faithful but they never served crap for dinner. Thus, I am adverse to swallowing things that look, taste, and smell like hmmmm poop. Verbally agreeing to everything someone is saying when I vehemently disagree internally is, shall we say, not one one of my strengths. Listening carefully while quietly reflecting in order to give a measured, thoughtful response at…

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The Surprising Reason Women Cry More Often Than Men

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Crying is not a sign of weakness. When women are upset, some of our hormones-like prolactin-fluctuate and that stimulates tear production just as working out stimulates the sweat glands. Additionally, the tear glands in a woman develop differently than they do in men. Did you know that most men actually have larger tear glands than a woman of similar size? Males have a bigger reservoir before the dam spills over. It’s not that they don’t get emotional, rather they have more time to get themselves together. Other social and biological factors play a role in how we deal with emotions….

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Love Lessons from A to Zen

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I have gained experiential wisdom from the loves of my life. Some lessons were exceptionally good. Some were simply enlightening. But, they all were essential in making me a better-than-I-used-to-be human…in progress. A- absence is bad for the heart. B- breathing deeply is an art form. C- cuddling cures a bad day. D- destiny is fluid. E- exes don’t need a eulogy every day. F- forgiveness propels you forward. G- God is very detail oriented. H- habit is a poor excuse for cheating. I- imagi-Nation is a great place to travel. J- joy—real joy—comes from within. K- kindness in a…

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I am unclean and my grandson, Apollo, wants to watch “A Bug’s Life” again. He is 3-years-old with all the rights and privileges thereof. We have watched this DVD twice every day. I know every scene-every word-every syllable of every word. He flat out refuses to use Mickey Mouse headphones I bought him and I am not allowed to leave his side. I have been swimming with him. We have been to an indoor playground where I crawled through tubes, climbed ladders, and slipped down slides at a very high velocity. (For the record, the oldest and largest person should…

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Their Eyes Are Not Watching God

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“It takes courage to grow in public.”—Bishop T.D. Jakes The fact is we ALL have public lives. Big Sister is everywhere and her eyes are not watching God. Social media posts, volunteerism, job, dating, classes…keep us in the windows of the world, on display every day. Most of us think celebrities, elected leaders, and VIP’s are the only ones who have a high profile existence. They are constantly in front of cameras. Every word and action is closely scrutinized and added to the fragmented collages we create from snapshots of their daily lives. The most fascinating thing is how quick…

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Why Doesn’t Batwoman Have A Sidekick?

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Balance, as in life balance, might as well be a four-letter word because it seems like a no-no for us grinders. I know people who won’t even admit when they are tired or overwhelmed. But if we want our sons, daughters, loved ones, or acquaintances to have balanced lives that include work, rest, and play, then we need to role-model that balance. If your actions say you can do everything at any time without any help, don’t complain when everyone is happy to let you be Batwoman and save the world. Why doesn’t Batwoman have a sidekick anyway, like Batman,…

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I Ain’t Beyonce But That’s Okay

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BEYONCÉ IS A top-grossing entertainer, as well as an actress, producer, model, and businesswoman. She is truly amazing, but the world does not need another Beyoncé or Erika Leonard, aka E. L. James, author of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. To stand out from the crowd you must create, not recreate. From hipster to hip replacement, always strive for originality, ingenuity, and high self-esteem. Learn from others, but don’t try to become them. Individual success derives from the unique gifts, talents, skills, and personality each person pos- sesses. It is a mistake that time cannot erase to be anything…

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