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Love Lessons from A to Zen

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I have gained experiential wisdom from the loves of my life. Some lessons were exceptionally good. Some were simply enlightening. But, they all were essential in making me a better-than-I-used-to-be human…in progress. A- absence is bad for the heart. B- breathing deeply is an art form. C- cuddling cures a bad day. D- destiny is fluid. E- exes don’t need a eulogy every day. F- forgiveness propels you forward. G- God is very detail oriented. H- habit is a poor excuse for cheating. I- imagi-Nation is a great place to travel. J- joy—real joy—comes from within. K- kindness in a…

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100 Reasons to Pay Your Babysitter, In Full, On Time!

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I’m not new to the grandma rodeo. My oldest grandson is five now. We have spent many hours together playing with action figures, hiding from his parents (who were not actually seeking us), and giggling our way through Cartoon Network marathons. I started keeping him overnight, as needed, when he was a few months old. When he was born, the most intimidating part of dusting off the old maternal instinct was trying to figure out how to make his multi-function stroller open and not collapse when I put him in it. So along comes baby brother a year and a…

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A Woman’s Hair Is Her Crown

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So when I decided to go au natural hair a couple of years ago, there was a major problem I didn’t anticipate. Ten to twelve inches of hair brushing your shoulders is hot in the summer but it is not a safety hazard. Take those same strands of black silk, remove the chemicals inch by inch until they acquire the texture of soft yarn, then gather them above the highest point of your cerebrum like a bath sponge just for kicks. Pick it all out as far as your elbow will extend. Now, try to get that beehive into a…

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mOe-ism of the Day

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Do the people in your inner circle prop you up or tear you down? If they’re not constructive, they are destructive. For peace and productivity, surround yourself with positive, encouraging people! Copyright 2010. Monica F. Anderson. All Rights Reserved. Follow me on Twitter @drmoeanderson

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