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Love Lessons from A to Zen

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I have gained experiential wisdom from the loves of my life. Some lessons were exceptionally good. Some were simply enlightening. But, they all were essential in making me a better-than-I-used-to-be human…in progress. A- absence is bad for the heart. B- breathing deeply is an art form. C- cuddling cures a bad day. D- destiny is fluid. E- exes don’t need a eulogy every day. F- forgiveness propels you forward. G- God is very detail oriented. H- habit is a poor excuse for cheating. I- imagi-Nation is a great place to travel. J- joy—real joy—comes from within. K- kindness in a…

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Iyanla Can’t Fix This

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As we grow up, we ought to grow out of some old, bad habits. Right? If silence hasn’t worked in the past five relationships, it’s time to speak up. If letting someone else take the credit means you got passed over for another promotion, it’s time to speak up. And if you truly believe that if you love something, you set it free and it will return to you. You are probably alone. Moving ahead in life is work. Maturing into a wiser person is work. Friendship is constant work. And making love last is the hardest work of all….

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