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I Ain’t Beyonce But That’s Okay

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BEYONCÉ IS A top-grossing entertainer, as well as an actress, producer, model, and businesswoman. She is truly amazing, but the world does not need another Beyoncé or Erika Leonard, aka E. L. James, author of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. To stand out from the crowd you must create, not recreate. From hipster to hip replacement, always strive for originality, ingenuity, and high self-esteem. Learn from others, but don’t try to become them. Individual success derives from the unique gifts, talents, skills, and personality each person pos- sesses. It is a mistake that time cannot erase to be anything…

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Iyanla Can’t Fix This

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As we grow up, we ought to grow out of some old, bad habits. Right? If silence hasn’t worked in the past five relationships, it’s time to speak up. If letting someone else take the credit means you got passed over for another promotion, it’s time to speak up. And if you truly believe that if you love something, you set it free and it will return to you. You are probably alone. Moving ahead in life is work. Maturing into a wiser person is work. Friendship is constant work. And making love last is the hardest work of all….

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Chasing Your Dreams?

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It’s an old adage, “Chase your dreams.” Great advice if you don’t delete the adjective “your”. Most of us end up running all our lives, chasing everyone’s dreams but our own. Boyfriend’s dreams…parents’ dreams…corporate vision…images created by, for, and about someone else. The directive “to chase” indicates the dreams are separate from us and somehow beyond our control. So we chase them and hope they are not to elusive for capture. Actually, what we do is carry our dreams. They are on our backs like Atlas’ world going wherever we go until we set them down to chase someone else’s…

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A Woman’s Hair Is Her Crown

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So when I decided to go au natural hair a couple of years ago, there was a major problem I didn’t anticipate. Ten to twelve inches of hair brushing your shoulders is hot in the summer but it is not a safety hazard. Take those same strands of black silk, remove the chemicals inch by inch until they acquire the texture of soft yarn, then gather them above the highest point of your cerebrum like a bath sponge just for kicks. Pick it all out as far as your elbow will extend. Now, try to get that beehive into a…

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