Black English Vernacular

A humorous but educational dictionary of Ebonics. This reader friendly book was published two years before the school board of Oakland, CA caused a national firestorm by recognizing Ebonics as a second language. Teachers and parents have used this book to help children transition to standard English for the classroom and boardroom without sacrificing their cultural identity. Writers and rappers love it, too!


Review from Amazon

“Black English Vernacular was a simple joy to read. I borrowed it first from a library to read. But after the first few pages I knew I had to have a copy for myself. We say, as adults, that we don’t say slang like our kids, but after reading this book I found out that I say a lot of it as well. It was very interesting to see the phrases we say day in and day out without even noticing. Like the term “running buddy” I have been saying this for years. Or even “she put her foot in them”. This book belongs in every home library. Trust me, I have two copies, one I loan and one I keep for to make sure I have a copy handy.”