Third grade teacher Nona Huff has two dreams: a promotion to Vice Principal and making her parents proud. There are only three things standing in her way– 1. Franklin, mature and successful with the sex drive of a shoelace. He s a big horn in public so she plays him for her friends and family. 2. Terry, the much younger artist, who makes her feel his age. He strums her like a Spanish guitar in private. 3. Vince, her new colleague, who would be the perfect man if he wasn’t after her dream job. She chose the independent label because she s already made an A+ in Heartbreak 101. It was a hard, painful lesson learned. Now that she’s directing the sheet music, can anyone touch her heartstrings?

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Review from Amazon

“I read Sinphony in one day. I loved how the author gave very detailed information regarding the characters. Many times going back to past memories to make sure that the reader had a clear understanding of the character. Being raised by a single father I was delighted to know that the author didn’t allow one parent to speak negatively about the other parent. The book shows respect, loyalty, strong family bonds and the true meaning of friends. Overall, the story was great. I loved every character including the one that really only cared about himself. Mr. F.H. Thanks for sharing your writing with us.”