When a Sistah's Fed Up

Mayor Faith Henry is beautiful, successful, married to her college sweetheart, and she has “almost perfect” children. So why is she unhappy and who is trying to kill her? When her darkest secret is revealed during her re-election campaign, she drops in the polls and falls into the arms of her handsome assistant. It’s the test of a lifetime with no easy answers.

Have you ever been fed up?


Review from Amazon

“I loved the book. I truly thought, by the title alone this book was going to be “another male bashing” read. However, the book was quite to the contrast. It is a book about men and women and the decisions they choose to make. The characters in this book are true to life. These characters could be your friends, relatives or the person in the mirror. Fellas, the main character, Faith, has wifey skills that we all dream of. She cooks and cleans with out complaining, has a job, stays in shape and STILL ROCKS THE stiletto heels. This book is one that you will not be able to put down once you start it. This book is not the normal genre of books I choose to read but it was well worth it. So fellas I do recommend it so go out and get it.”