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Doctor of Dentistry.

Sharing game changing, powerful life lessons with both humor and passion.

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Dr. Moe Anderson is a survivor and serial entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to promoting the power of owning ones choices, personal empowerment, and achieving multiple streams of happiness. She has published six books and hundreds of articles. She is consistently rated “best speaker” by audiences who are moved to laughter and tears by her inspiring speeches and workshops.

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"Her tone is a mix of you-go-girl optimism and no-nonsense straight talk....A practical guide for women on how to find happiness and boost self-worth."

− Kirkus Reviews ``Success Is A Side Effect`

"This book is an instructional compendium of knowledge. Dr. Anderson weaves advice, compassion, allegory, and scenarios in each and every lesson. Readers will be able to utilize this “roadmap to self-improvement” like a GPS reference guide to actually plan the improvements, as they progress through the curriculum."

− Marilyn D. Johnson, Global Ambassador|Retired IBM Corporate Executive

"She encourages you to get out of your own way. I’ve accomplished a lot in my lifetime, but I needed a dose of energy and a reminder that I should do more things that scare me."

− Terri B. Williams, Vice President-Government Relations, American Heart Association

"Dr. Anderson is a captivating motivational speaker. She is accomplished and humble at the same time, which are rare qualities working together within the same person. She weaves her own personal stories of set backs and challenges into her speeches, making herself transparent and her illustrations relatable."

− Joseph C. ``Dusty`` McCormick, Chaplain