Dr. mOe Anderson

Author. mOe-tivational Speaker.
Doctor of Dentistry.

Sharing game changing, powerful life lessons with both humor and passion.

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Dr. Moe Anderson has dedicated her life to promoting the power of owning ones choices, personal empowerment, and achieving your own happiness. She has published six books in three genres, the common theme is owning your happiness through self-empowerment.

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mOe-tivational Speaker

Doctor of Dentistry

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"It is far and few between when you meet someone as inspiring and motivated as Monica. She is creative and embodies a professionalism that most can only aspire to. I have had the pleasure of watching and learning as she has shared her talents and guidance in a most nurturing way. In her presence you feel your potential and you are empowered to achieve success. Thanks Moe for all that you do."

− Dr. Kat Smith, America's Intimacy Expert

"Dr. Anderson, is one of the most dynamic, witty speakers to grace the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Her quick wit and polished style make her stand out in the crowd. If they ever replace Oprah Winfrey, Dr Anderson would make the transition seamless."

− Vanessa Wesley

"Monica "Dr.mOe" Anderson is an accomplished author and motivational speaker with superlative representation in the former and latter. I've had the pleasure and professional experience in working with Dr. Anderson by advertising her books, publicizing and reviewing same as well as doing regional promotions for higher visibility. I stand by her expertise and would readily recommend her for any subsequent position worthy of her talents."

− Alvin C. Romer, Romerian Kreations, LLC