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Success is a side effect

Leadership, Relationships and Selective Amnesia

Success is a side effect is a powerful, practical guide to achieving more fulfilling relationships at work, at home, and in your community. Bestselling author and motivational speaker Dr. Monica Anderson’s unique approach to personal growth is illustrated with real-world situations, surprising statistics, and laugh out loud anecdotes. Discover the positive side effects of authentically pursuing your passions with practical lessons in leadership.

What Dr. mOe Has to Offer

Among the many hats that Dr. mOe wears regularly – her books, motivational speeches and podcasts keep her in heavy demand! She is eager to leverage her knowledge and skillset to fire up your next event.


Dr. mOe has published six books, in three different genres, ,including three top selling novels and two nonfiction books.

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Dr. mOe travels the country delivering her powerful message with humor and warmth and is eager to work with you.

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Tune in to Dr. mOe’s exclusive podcast series as she shares her latest thoughts on life, success and the journey to greatness.

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Seeing this Baby Boomer in action will transform your thoughts about what it means to age gracefully.

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