Monica F. Anderson, DDS, DBA (aka Dr. mOe), is a bestselling author, award winning podcast host, speaker coach, and dynamic mOe-tivational speaker who has spoken across the country and internationally. She has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Parade Magazine, Fox News, Authority Magazine, and ABC’s Good Morning Texas.

Dr. mOe has gained years of professional experience through her long career in healthcare and various business ventures, but on a personal level, she is a survivor of a rare cancer diagnosis and an engaged community activist. Today, she uses her story of overcoming obstacles to share game-changing, inspiring life lessons with both humor and passion.

Need A Moderator, Host, Emcee, Panelist, or Keynote Speaker?

Dr. mOe is an in-demand keynote speaker, emcee and moderator for Business Forums, Panel Discussions, Awards Programs, Conferences & Workshops, in corporate, academic, healthcare and civic environments. Her absolute strength is her ability to share information in a matter that is witty, entertaining, and informative. She makes any event an inspiring and memorable experience for attendees.

one on one coaching

Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or just starting out, you will benefit from professional coaching to elevate your skills. An expert coach like Dr. mOe who has three plus decades of speaking experience will listen, inspire, and help you grow in your ability to deliver a compelling speech, workshop, or pitch. Her customized development plans take your presentations beyond your wildest imagination!

Work with her and learn the essential 4 P’s of Public Speaking: preparation, practice, presentation, and pitching. 

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Best Selling Author


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