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Dr. mOe Anderson is a game-changing, revenue-building, performance-boosting motivator and morale builder. Her keynotes and workshops combine research, audience engagement, inspiring personal anecdotes and a generous dose of humor in content-driven messages that get immediate results. Dr. mOe doesn’t just motivate. She educates and provides practical tools for immediate takeaways. She is consistently rated “favorite speaker” and “best workshop” at conferences. A highly popular professional speaker for over three decades, she has delivered keynote speeches to audiences regionally, nationally and internationally at conferences and conventions for CORPORATE, GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, LITERARY and CHURCH entities.

She has inspired clients from Germany to Florida, such as:

This dynamic speaker has given lectures to 100’s of leading brands, corporations, university groups, and civic organizations, as well as, professional associations. She has also served as the 2023 commencement speaker for the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry



The Health Benefits of Humor

It’s challenging to model the emotional posture for your team or your family.

Learn how to negate the stressful effects of your day to day duties with “humor therapy.” Laugh while you learn practical strategies to inject a dose of humor into any situation.

Inclusive Leadership

There are up to 5 generations in today’s workplace. They have key differences in motivation and goals. More than 90% of employees self-reported that culture impacts their decision to stay with their company. In this powerful workshop, learn how to bridge the communication gaps for more positive relationships with diverse, valuable team members and family members.

Unconscious Bias & Health Equity

Historically, conscious and unconscious bias have significantly impacted health equity and the delivery of healthcare services. In this eye-opening workshop, participants will learn how healthcare professionals' can overcome patient mistrust, reduce, health inequities, and improve access to care.

Four P's Of Public Speaking

Becoming an effective public speaker requires well composed content, controlled breathing, confident body language, and overcoming anxiety. Employers who invest in communication training for their teams see an immediate ROI from increased sales to better collaboration.

Multiple Streams of happiness

Discover the positive side effects of authentically pursuing your passions with practical lessons in leadership like:

Creating Work-Life Balance

Stressed? Can’t stop thinking about work? Does technology feel more like torture than a useful tool? Learn why you absolutely must slow down and be present before you flame out of control. Learn to be more productive AND have fun by working smarter. You can have it all but, trust me, you don’t want it all; you want what matters most.

Dr. mOe Bestselling Author

Dr. mOe Anderson is a survivor and serial entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to promoting the power of owning one’s choices, personal empowerment and achieving multiple streams of happiness. She is the author of seven books and hundreds of articles for journals, anthologies, and a major daily newspaper. She is consistently rated “best speaker” by audiences who are moved to laughter and tears by her inspiring speeches and workshops.


Dr. Anderson is a dynamic, motivating, inspirational speaker who will make your group laugh and think.

Dr. Robert G. Sherman
Honolulu County, HI

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to share a message that not only resonates with your audience, but also ignites them to take action, add Dr. Monica Anderson (Dr. mOe) to your speaking roster.

Emem Washington, JD
Attorney & TEDx Speaker
She was marvelous! She mesmerized our audience with a speech that directly impacted our girls. When she was done speaking, you could have heard a pin drop before the audience began to applaud!!!

Susan herman, Girls, Inc
Four words to describe her, powerful, engaging, funny and downright inspirational. She did an amazing job of weaving her personal story of living with a rare cancer into a call to action.

Stephanie E. Bryant, MPH

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