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One on One Virtual Coaching to help you feel confident for your next public speaking engagement while building lifelong skills. Most of us feel anxiety when called upon to speak in public at a small meeting or on stage in front of hundreds of people. Wouldn’t it be great to stand up and feel prepared and confident about sharing your important message? Even if you’re currently presenting in meetings and to small audiences, the skills you learn with Dr. mOe’s customized development plan and feedback prepare you for any speaking engagement. Depending on your needs, meet with Dr. mOe for a single session or ensure mastery by choosing a package that includes multiple rehearsals and instruction. Becoming an effective and in-demand public speaker requires properly written material, controlled breathing, constructive critique, learning to overcome anxiety, and the ability to share ideas with confidence and passion. Working with an experienced speaking coach who is also an award-winning podcast host, and professional speaker is a transformational experience that extends beyond your career to all relationships. If you’re ready, let’s get to work!


Self-Publishing Assistance | Self-Publishing Guidebook | Virtual Instruction
In the past, authors spent months, years even, trying to get beyond the gatekeepers at newspapers and traditional publishing houses. Now, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs can quickly share their message with the world with print-on-demand independent publishing. The advantages of self-publishing include keeping more of your royalties and having editorial control over important decisions like the content and cover design. With three decades of professional writing experience, Dr. mOe has written or contributed to hundreds of articles, anthologies, and interviews. She has published eight books using both traditional publishers and her company, TyMAC Books. She knows the pros and cons of the publishing industry. Two of her self-published books have been on national bestseller lists! Experience the ease of having assistance in navigating the journey from a great idea to a quality, professional-looking book for print or download. Not sure if you need a self-publishing coach? Read this great article then message Dr. mOe for a free 15 minute discovery call.
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Dr. mOe Bestselling Author

Dr. mOe Anderson is a survivor and serial entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to promoting the power of owning one’s choices, personal empowerment and achieving multiple streams of happiness. She is the author of seven books and hundreds of articles for journals, anthologies, and a major daily newspaper. She is consistently rated “best speaker” by audiences who are moved to laughter and tears by her inspiring speeches and workshops.