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Monica F. Anderson, DDS, DBA (aka Dr. mOe), is an author, podcast host, and dynamic mOe-tivational speaker. She has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Parade Magazine, Fox News, and ABC’s Good Morning Texas. She has an extensive business background which includes: General Nutrition Centers franchise owner, producer/host of a cable television program, private practice owner, real estate investor, partnership in a Mediterranean restaurant, CEO of TyMAC Books, and certified Dental Consultant.

Dr.mOe is also a successful writer who has published several books in the fiction and nonfiction categories. Her 2021 novel, Never Close Your Heart, peaked at #1 on an Amazon bestseller’s lists. Her most recent book is Launch Your Self-Publishing Journey: The Busy Author’s Guide to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Book Fast!

Dr. mOe has gained years of professional experience through her long career in healthcare and various business ventures, but on a personal level, she has also gone through the journey of surviving rare cancer diagnosis. As a motivational speaker and writer, she uses her diverse experiences to share game-changing, powerful life lessons with both humor and passion. She currently resides in Grand Prairie, Texas, where she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and leading a nonprofit, Drop The Drugs, Inc., which works to deter prescription drug misuse and abuse.

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Dr. mOe Anderson is a game-changing, revenue-building, performance-boosting motivator and morale builder. Her keynotes and workshops combine research, audience engagement, inspiring personal anecdotes and a generous dose of humor in content-driven messages that get immediate results. Dr. mOe doesn’t just motivate. She educates and provides practical tools for immediate takeaways. She is consistently rated “favorite speaker” and “best workshop” at conferences. A highly popular professional speaker for over three decades, she has delivered keynote speeches to audiences regionally, nationally and internationally at conferences and conventions for CORPORATE, GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, LITERARY and CHURCH entities.

She has inspired clients from Germany to Florida, such as:

This dynamic speaker has given lectures to 100’s of leading brands, corporations, university groups, and civic organizations, as well as, professional associations.

Her most requested topics are:

The Health Benefits of Humor

It’s challenging to model the emotional posture for your team or your family. Learn how to negate the stressful effects of your day to day duties with “humor therapy.” Laugh while you learn practical strategies to inject a dose of humor into any situation.

Inclusive Leadership

There are up to 5 generations in today’s workplace. They have key differences in culture, motivation, and goals. In this powerful workshop, learn how to bridge the communication gaps for more positive relationships with colleagues and family members.

Entrepreneur 101

In this powerful presentation for new or aspiring business owners, Dr. mOe uses examples from her experiences as a CEO, limited partner, franchisee and teenage babysitter to dissect the myths of entrepreneurship.

Podcasting for Beginners

This guide aims to get you started on the road to becoming a podcasting expert. Go from a beginners level to publishing your first podcast episode! By the end of this guide you’ll be a confident podcaster.

Success is a Side Effect

Discover the positive side effects of authentically pursuing your passions with practical lessons in leadership like:

Work-Life Balance

Stressed? Can’t stop thinking about work? Does technology feel more like torture than a useful tool? Learn why you absolutely must slow down and be present before you flame out of control. Learn to be more productive AND have fun by working smarter. You can have it all but, trust me, you don’t want it all; you want what matters most.

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