What’s Your Kilimanjaro? What Do You Fear?

Have you ever faced an obstacle that seemed too big to move, climb or go around? I mean something huge like Mount Kilimanjaro, the dormant volcano that is the highest single free-standing mountain above sea level in the world!! Imagine tackling something challenging. Nancy Pickard, literally climbed that mega mountain at the young age of sixty-one years. Now, she helps others overcome their fears no matter the size or shape. Nancy is the author of “Bigger, Better, Braver: Conquer Your Fears, Embrace Your Courage and Transform You’re Life.” In this episode, we discuss: how to use fear as a driving force, tools to overcome long-held fears, how to discover unconscious commitments and shadow beliefs, and how to move past your fears. Learn more about Nancy at https://nancypickardlifecoach.com/

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