A Quick Guide to Pitching: Secrets for Impressing Producers, Editors, and Podcast Hosts

As a serial entrepreneur, multi-published author, former television talk show host, and current podcast host, I have found myself on both sides of the pitching equation. I am regularly trying to gain media exposure for my products and services. I also receive pitches daily from people who want to appear on my podcast program. Today, I’ve got a couple of quick examples of do’s and don’ts when presenting a show idea.

Do – Your Research

This is an example of an actual pitch I received recently. It covers all the important points.

(Pinch and Zoom to read)

Why this works: customized (he mentions my program by name, a previous guest’s name, and topics he enjoys), qualifications (who he is, his service/product), specific benefits for my audience (unique, evidence-based, value add), contact information (don’t forget to add your linktree, website, or URL to your portfolio).

Answer every question (who, what, why, and how) without being to lengthy. This makes their decision easy and positions you well as a resource in the future.

Don’t – Give them more work to do

Here’s an example of a polite pitch that simply didn’t give me enough information. Producers, hosts, and editors are VERY busy.

Good morning Dr. Anderson,
My name is xxxxxxxx, and I am xxxxxx Executive Assistant. She’d love to be a future guest on your podcast.  Please visit her website to learn more about her incredible journey. Please let us know if you’d like to interview her.

Why this doesn’t work:

Don’t assume the person receiving the email knows anything about you even if you are famous. Don’t send them to another website to learn more about you. Make them want to know more by crafting a pitch that is both helpful and enticing. Don’t forget to explain why you are a good fit specifically for their show

Parade Magazine Feature on Dr. mOe Anderson

Good luck garnering media attention for your cause, book, service, gig, business, or org. There is no guarantee of success but, in my experience, doing a bit of diligence up front and customizing your pitch vastly increases your chance of being booked!

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