From Resume Refinement to Salary Success: Career Coaching for Advancement

In the latest episode of the Perpetual mOetion Podcast, we had an insightful conversation with Michelle Merritt (@michellemerritt), Chief Strategy Officer D&S Executive Career Management. She is a seasoned recruiter and career coach. She shared invaluable tips on LinkedIn mastery, crafting a standout resume, and navigating the nuances of salary negotiation.


LinkedIn Strategies to Attract Recruiters

Your LinkedIn profile is a virtual representation of your professional identity. Here’s how to make it recruiter-friendly:

1. Use the right keywords: Recruiters use specific keywords to find potential candidates. Identify these and incorporate them into your profile.

2. Showcase your soft skills: Skills such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership are highly sought after. Use your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate these skills.

3. Engage: Don’t just have a static profile, actively engage with your network and share your industry expertise.


Crafting a Standout Resume

A well-crafted resume is your ticket to the interview. Follow these tips to make yours stand out:

1. Focus on achievements: Highlight what you’ve accomplished rather than just listing job responsibilities.

2. Tailor for different companies: Adjust your resume slightly for different applications, keeping in mind the reader’s perspective.


Navigating the Interview Process

Remember that every conversation is an interview. Here’s how to navigate it successfully:

1. Understand your audience: Do your homework about the company’s pain points and subtly weave your knowledge into the conversation.

2. Avoid common pitfalls: Speaking too fast or over-preparing can derail your interview. Aim for a natural, meaningful conversation instead.


Mastering Salary Negotiations

Salary negotiations can be tricky. Here’s how to handle them like a pro:

1. Research salary ranges: Use resources like Glassdoor and company websites to understand what you should be earning.

2. Understand bonus structures: Don’t just focus on the base salary. Consider the entire compensation package.


Implement these strategies to take control of your career trajectory! Remember, the key to success is continuous learning and adapting.


To get more insights from Michelle, check out the full episode on the Perpetual mOetion with Dr. mOe Anderson Podcast and please subscribe for more great content from leading experts to improve communication, wellness, and career progression.


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