Women’s Her-Story Month: Honoring the Legacy of Resilience and Wisdom

As we celebrate Women’s Her-Story Month, I reflect on the profound influence of the women who shaped my life—the pillars of strength who guided me with unwavering determination and boundless love. My mother and three grandmothers, each carving their unique paths in a world marked by adversity, have left an indelible mark on my journey.

Born around the turn of the century, my grandmothers, resilient black women, weathered the storms of Jim Crow, the Great Depression, world wars, racism, and sexism. Despite facing daunting challenges, they exuded optimism and resilience, inspiring me with their unwavering spirit.
Among them were educators, a farmer, and a domestic worker—each role underscoring their versatility and tenacity. What they imparted to me transcends the confines of history books; their lessons have enriched my life immeasurably, fueling my pursuit of excellence against all odds.

Their guidance was simple yet profound: I need not seek permission to be great.

In a world that often seeks to confine and define, they instilled in me the belief that greatness lies within, waiting to be unleashed.
This Women’s Her-Story Month, let us honor not only the trailblazers whose names grace the annals of history but also the countless unsung heroines whose wisdom and resilience have shaped generations. May we carry forward their legacy with pride, determination, and a commitment to lifting others as they have lifted us.

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