3 F’s of Maintaining Daily Balance

#1 F – Feared things first. We have a tendency to procrastinate about doing challenging  things whether it’s a tedious home project, firing an underperforming employee, or working out. We often procrastinate an entire day away and punt the task weeks or months down the calendar. This results in unnecessary stress and anxiety. It’s better to start your day by doing these tasks or put them on your calendar for a non-negotiable block of time on your off day. Get up. Get after it. Get it done. Then experience the great relief and rush of endorphins that will make the remainder of your day enjoyable.

#2 F – Finances. Pay your bills before you play. Paying yourself first is sound financial advice but it refers to saving and investing, not turning up and taking vacays you can’t afford. Planning for the future and paying on present debts leads to good credit and the ability to retire. This doesn’t mean all work and no play. It means play with discretionary funds, not your rent money. 

#3 F – Family should be a priority. Countless divorces and breakups occur because a significant other doesn’t feel significant. Yes, we have to make a living. If your why if making life better for yourself or making your parents proud. Shouldn’t they hear from you instead of social media how great things are going? How much they mean to you? How much they inspire you to keep going? Communication and visiting are the currency of love. Spend it wisely. 

That’s my top 3. What would you add?

Step 2 of daily balance is finance
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