Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size

So I’m peeping 60 something yr old NBA coach, Luke Riley or Pat Riley, whateva on ESPN and he’s wearing those black rimmed Clark Kent glasses currently favored by NBA players, rappers, and European poets. The glasses look odd on Lebron James who is young and hip. They look beyond odd on Pat Riley who provokes thoughts more along the lines of hip replacement than hipster, future Hall of Fame status not withstanding. I don’t care what either of them wears or does. The only reason I bring it up is because when an older woman wears trendy apparel or accessories, she’s told to dress her age. What age is that-the ice age? I am fairly certain that the originator of this idea was a twenty year old whose mother looked better in a mini skirt than she did back in the sixties. Well, guess what? We are not going back to dark colors and ankle length dresses after age 40. We are declaring our independence from the fashion police. I say, if it makes you happy to wear red and pink polka dots with your stilettos. Honey, rock on! We all know a well-groomed woman with confidence can pull off almost any look. Even Clark Kent glasses. No, maybe not those or the round rimmed Super Focus glasses. LOL!

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