There’s this really odd thing that guys do to avoid connecting with women emotionally. They avert their eyes so that they are talking near you but not “to” you. It’s much more disconcerting than the one-armed side hug. I saw it happening with a couple tonight and it made me curious. There are only two reasons men do that in my experience. Either he was attracted to her but he was already in a relationship or she rejected his advances and damaged his self esteem. She was trying very hard to get him to look a her, but he would have looked directly at the sun during an eclipse before he gave her eye contact. She teased, asked questions, giggled, and tossed her hair until finally I said, “Ma’am please give him the change for his purchase so I can beat this storm home. This is the Dollar Store and over there is a security camera. Regrettably, we are not filming an episode of The Bachelorette.” The girl rolled her eyes but the young man looked directly into my face and said, “I love your hair. Do you date younger men?” That’s when I discovered a third reason a man stops looking into your eyes: he realizes he could never compete with the Blue Bell Ice Cream in your grocery cart.

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