Megan, Me, and Cardi B: Thick Wit It!

Did you watch the Grammys?! Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s performance of WAP was unforgettable. People can’t stop talking about it. I watched and it reminded me why I don’t wear stilettos. I applaud them for their boldness and last summer’s #1 banger, the hit song, WAP. In this episode, I talk about what […]

A Black Woman’s Super Power

Even before the worldwide discussion on racial disparities, being a black woman in my America required a special type of superpower. I wasn’t born with it but acquiring this strength was part of the daily curriculum in survival for girls who looked like me. I thought my special ability was only useful for certain people […]

Moving Weight (Motivational Podcast)

Every challenge is a problem but so is every opportunity. There are good problems and bad problems but there is never a time when you will not have obstacles. Now is the time to build the strength needed to handle the next big thing in your life. Are you moving weight? Subscribe to Perpetual mOe-tion […]

Black Authors Network Interview to Launch Never Close Your Heart

BAN Radio Interview With Dr. mOe Anderson and Ella D. Curry (Click Here to Listen) I’ve done 100’s of interviews for print media, radio, and television but this program’s host was unique in asking me “How do you make time and space to operate in your gifts?” My answer about #timemanagementtips and #lifebalance may surprise you (around the 13-minute […]

How to Concentrate During Chaos (Podcast)

Image of a woman and the word Focus

When you’re under stress, it’s easy to lose perspective or start swaying every way the wind blows. In this episode, Dr. mOe shares the key steps to move your focus away from shiny distractions to disciplined concentration. Learn to reach your large and small goals without sacrificing your relationships. Subscribe to Perpetual mOe-tion with Dr. […]

Why You Need A Vision Board

Hope is never false. Vision boards motivate you. Throughout the year they remind you of the what, why, where, and how of your dreams. Sometimes the “when” takes longer than a year but, thankfully, dreams don’t have an expiration date. In this video, I share why it took four years to reach one of my […]

How Do Fiction Writers Make This Stuff Up? (Writers Life and Laughs)

A snooty, wealthy suburban housewife in an electronic ankle monitor and a 10-year old who gets into his grandmother’s edible brownies? Really? During a virtual meeting with A Good Read Book Club recently, I was asked how I came up with the plot for my novel. I tried to explain but really, the characters in […]

Don’t Compromise Who You Are

Don’t let anyone force you to compromise who you are for money. Not a company, not a companion, not a movement. Stick to your ideals. Value your values. At the end of the day, you will sleep better having done the right thing for the right reason.

Finish Strong!

This has been an unexpected year for all of us but we are now in our last month of 2020. What is stopping you from finishing out this year strong?? You can do it! Push through and don’t give up hope!

Fighting Trees

Every answer is not on YouTube or Google. There will be problems your friends can’t help you solve. The question is “When you don’t know what might happen, do you want it badly enough to try anyway?” Fighting trees means using your experience and instinct in innovative ways no one can teach you. You know […]