Why You Need A Vision Board

Hope is never false. Vision boards motivate you. Throughout the year they remind you of the what, why, where, and how of your dreams. Sometimes the “when” takes longer than a year but, thankfully, dreams don’t have an expiration date. In this video, I share why it took four years to reach one of my big goals which was very frustrating but I didn’t give up. Take your dreams out of the dark drawer or box in the closet, dust them off, and put them on display just for you. IN-courage yourself today! Dream big. Dr. mOe Anderson is a speaker, bestselling author, humorist, dentist, and advocate. View her videos in this ongoing conversation about current events, personal growth, culture, and family. This podcaster and vlogger brings real-life, unfiltered, and-at times-hilarious truth about the brokenness and the building it takes to effectively operate in your uniqueness. Expect great advice on maintaining your sanity through everyday challenges. Subscribe to Dr. mOe’s YouTube Channel (drmoeutube).

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