How To Be “Present”

Dr mOe on stairs with Christmas decor

To be present…what does that mean anyway? Why does it matter? Let’s use this photo to explain.

At that moment, there literally are beautiful and supportive friends in front of me. There is beauty around me that includes sights, aromas, sounds, tastes, and those intangible feelings that arise when spirits entwine. And behind me is a staircase that leads to spaces unknown. While that presents an opportunity, it also presents concerns about changes in the future.

I had a choice. Let my mind climb the stairs imagining what might be. Or I could focus on what was and celebrate the beauty of everything around me. I chose to limit my thoughts and energy to the certainty of that moment.

Wandering minds miss the joy a breath away.

This holiday season, during family and friends time, try to be present.

After love, undistracted time is the best gift you’ll ever give.

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