If The Shoe Fits

I’m curious about the old woman who lived in the shoe. What kind of shoe was it? In storybooks it’s always an old boot but it could have been a pump or Ferragamo two-toned flat. A stiletto wouldn’t have a firm enough foundation to handle all those hungry children running around. Hmmm an athletic shoe would work with a rubber sole to grip the grass plus good arch support to cushion a toddler’s fall. Not sure how they got out of there. Hole in the toe perhaps? Or maybe the flap came down like a ramp and they just ran out. Now, was she the one with a dog? A dog in that environment? Is that the best choice? Oh no, that was the neigbor Old Mother Hubbard. I’d love to be a fly on the shoelace at their next homeowner’s meeting. I’ve got a feeling property values are declining. That’s too bad.


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