Just Give Up in 2011

I said it. Make sure you pronounce my name right when you repeat my advice. I prefer moe-nee-ka. Monica says, give up. Throw in the towel. Call it quits. Sayonara, Zetusubou-Sensei. Chunk up them deuces. Yes, dearest, Santa is not coming and for my last blog of 2010, I’m strongly suggesting you stop trying PERIOD.

Yes, give up right now. Why? Why would a mOe-tivational speaker, romance writer, single, southern, can’t run fast, cook collard greens, or jump high black woman who has defied every odd placed in her path tell you to give up on your Xena: Warrior Princess-type quest to have that man, succeed at that enterprise, or write that book? Here’s why. If three years, 3 loans, and 3 paragraphs haven’t culminated in a firm commitment, a profitable quarter, or a full chapter, today is the day to do something, no, make that EVERYthing, differently.

By now, you should have exhausted possibilities to make it work. If you haven’t, then, you’re the one who is not committed so shut it down; quit wasting time and money. Or, if you keep starting and stopping because of obstacles being hurled at you from every direction like bowling pins, go back and learn to distinguish yellow from red. Yellow means proceed with caution. Everything going wrong, all the time, month after month, year after year means you are not on the right path. Enough with the detours. Don’t go there. Quit. Quietly open your mind to the possibility that God is trying to tell you “No.” You can’t prove Him wrong. Believe me. I’ve tried.

Revolutionary leader, Simon Bolivar said a lot of jacked up stuff about Jesus that I categorically disagree with, but he also said, “I have plowed the sea.” Are you plowing in fertile ground? If so, good luck with that because I truly want you to be successful. And sure, some dreams take years to come true. But if you’re painting a masterpiece on cold bath water, drain the tub, Sugah. Don’t give in completely, just give up on that particular venture. There is something or someone better for you just around the corner. You can’t get to it by stubbornly crossing a bridge to nowhere. That’s not brave or smart. It takes much more courage to admit failure and wisely begin again.

Do something completely different? Yes, you can.

Happy New Year, Cougars. Re-new. Re-You!

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