Natural Hair Is Not For You If…

In April, I will celebrate one year since my last perm. The road is not well paved and it needs more signage but I am happy with this direction. I am often asked if it’s been difficult going natural after 30 years of perms. Let’s just say. My hair is healthier and thicker than it has been in years but this stuff is not for the faint of heart. If you’re wavering about this decision, here are some factors to seriously, or not so seriously, consider.

Natural hair is not for you if:
~ You already work 80 hrs or more a week. You have two jobs, you don’t need another one.

~ You don’t have upper body strength. You must be able to hold your arms above your head for an hour to no-poo wash, leave-in condition, comb out, plow, and twist/plait/knot your natural do.

~You do not own a comb the size of a Camry.

~You don’t own a pair of reading glasses. Natural hair care comes with more commandments than the book of Exodus. Thou shall not purchase products containing: isopropyl alcohol, mineral oil, petrolatum, chlorine, sodium lauryl sulfate, or anything remotely inexpensive.

~You think nothing is more sexy than wind blown –Mariah Carey– hair. It will take a monsoon to move your shea buttered crown (but think of the money you’ll save on hairspray and gel.)

~You really care what other people think about how you wear your hair. Yes, you’ll get compliments eventually but, in the beginning, they will stare like you’re an exhibit in the Louvre. And, even worse, they won’t say a word. Just stare.

~You like bangs on any day but the Fourth of July.

I’m happy with my choice and I’ve had decades of weaves and perms that I don’t regret. So don’t hear me hatin’, just hear me saying everything ain’t for everybody!


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