### Over and Out

An almost dear friend of mine has this odd and annoying habit of abruptly ending text exchanges that she started. I much prefer phone calls or even old school letters to less personal texts and emails. Text are efficient and fast so I get it. I use them. It is what it is. Well, my friend will text to see how I am. I say good how are you. She responds that she’s excited about the weekend. I’m tired of typing but I ask what’s up. And I wait and wait and wait. She never responds. I might not hear from her again for a week! It’s like those people who just called and you call them right back 30 seconds later and get their voicemail. Do they throw the phone out of the car? What the heck?

When I was a journalist, my editor told me to put this symbol at the end of my column ###. It means I’m done. That’s all I have to say. I like that. I propose we start using that symbol at the end of all text and emails as a symbol for “the end whether you like it or not.” Oh, by the way, I just got some fantastic news! You are never gonna believe this! ###

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