S#+t Happens

My neighbor came to me for advice. She was morose and pessimistic. “Life is filled with unexpected, unpredictable events,” she announced before melting into my sofa.

I smiled in empathy.

“We really don’t stand a chance any more. Sure, good deeds happen on holidays and immediately following major disasters.” She sighed. “But the remaining days of the year can be summed up in two words. S#+t happens.”

I slowly placed my cup of tea onto the breakfast bar as I cogitated on a response. Stalling for time. I excused myself to the bathroom. I spent five minutes washing my hands before I thought of a way to shine light on her darkness. I grabbed a bottle of antidiarrheal medication, went to her and offered it.

“Here you go, girlfriend. I assume you are sick because the only time S#+t just happens is when you are ill. Otherwise, it takes great effort to make S#+t happen. My parents, put in twelve plus hours days, week after week, year after year, to make S#+t happen at their work place. Kirk Whalum studied music and practiced for years. Now, when he blows into his clarinet, beautiful S#+t happens to the audiosphere. I don’t have a stomach because it was surgically removed 4 years ago. I could barely eat at first. My food would go down, turn around and leave the way it entered. I lost 4 dress sizes. I worked with my physician and my nutritionist for months to learn what to eat and how to eat so I could make S#+t happen again. Now, I am excited beyond description when normal, every day S#+t happens. Have you ever wanted S#+t to happen and it wouldn’t? That leads to mental, emotional, physical, and professional constipation.

Never take for granted that a million things must go the right way, at precisely the right time to make the smallest amount of S#+T happen!”

So are you prepared to do whatever it takes to make–good–S#+t happen for you?


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