3 F’s of Maintaining Daily Balance

#1 F – Feared things first. We have a tendency to procrastinate about doing challenging  things whether it’s a tedious home project, firing an underperforming employee, or working out. We often procrastinate an entire day away and punt the task weeks or months down the calendar. This results in unnecessary stress and anxiety. It’s better […]

Fort Worth Black News Features Dr. mOe Anderson

“Never Close Your Heart” the Joy and Pain of Life Dr. Monica Anderson won our hearts as a witty columnist for the Star-Telegram 25 years ago. She often shared humorous moments form everyday life that made readers smile, shake their heads or actually laugh out loud… Click the link and scroll over to page 5 […]

This Is Why Black America STILL Can’t Breathe

This audio exceprt from 2017 (sadly) could have been given this first week of June 2020. I made these remarks after the death of Eric Garner in NY. Today is #blackouttuesday in America. We are mourning the senseless, recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and numerous others before them. It is my […]