(Audio Excerpt) Dr. mOe’s New Novel “Never Close Your Heart”

Read by the author, Dr. mOe Anderson, from her seventh book Never Close Your Heart. This new novel is the stand-alone sequel to the Essence Bestseller When A Sistah’s Fed Up. Listen and order your copy today at https://amzn.to/38oqp5t Synopsis: Unless it’s under reconstruction…never close your heart. Never Close Your Heart is a humorous and […]

Maintain Your Composure Like #GayleKing With R. Kelly

We’ve all faced an R. Kelly-type family member, manager, or stranger over reacting to a situation. It is tempting to become angry, as well. Matching their tone, volume, and behavior will only escalate the situation. Trust me. I’ve been that girl. It is very hard, but try to maintain a posture of peace. If you […]

About That Life (Motivational)

Are you about that UN- life? You already know. Un-fulfilled? Un-happy? Un-fortunate? Un-appreciated? Un-equal? Un-wanted? Un-heard? Are are you simply under the influence of someone who doesn’t reciprocate your lovingkindness? I understand. When you don’t give an “F” to the -un, the day to day grind is not very fun. Here’s something to think about. […]

How to Eat Without A Stomach and Manage Chemotherapy Side Effects

Learning to eat and manage side effects after a full or partial gastrectomy is challenging. In 2014, I had Roux en Y bypass surgery and my stomach was completely removed. In this video, I shares tips on how to manage common digestive problems after this type of surgery. I also discuss how I combat muscle […]

All Teeth Matter! The Importance of Oral Health and Dentists of Color in Our Communities

Oral health, wellness, and dentists of color. Click to learn more! Please click the link to hear a clip from this engaging, informative discussion on the relationship between oral health and overall wellness. Learn why maintaining optimal dental health is important for both adults and children. Dental Consultant, speaker and entrepreneur Dr. mOe Anderson discusses […]