About That Life (Motivational)

Are you about that UN- life? You already know.








Are are you simply under the influence of someone who doesn’t reciprocate your lovingkindness? I understand. When you don’t give an “F” to the -un, the day to day grind is not very fun. Here’s something to think about. The prefix un- means not. Adding this prefix to a word literally gives it negative force. That’s energy opposing anything good placed next to it. For example, happy literally becomes sad when it’s under that bad influence.

The way the world rolls some situations are truly beyond our control. Others are the results of decisions we made months or years ago. They’re done but, now, they can be un-done. The letters “U” and “N” clearly beg the question, “Are you in?”

Are you?

Your happiness and sense of fulfillment will remain handcuffed to negativity until you engage in the hard but necessary steps to free yourself for something better.

You already know what you need to do. You’ve known for a while. The choice is yours. You’re either out or U are N.


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