I Stand Accused – Official Press Release

Texas Dentist Writes Romance Novel

Dentist and bestselling novelist, Monica “Dr. mOe” Anderson, explores the taboo topic of celibate men in her explosive new book, I Stand Accused.

Arlington, Texas (PRWEB) September 21, 2007 — Romance and celibacy aren’t usually discussed during a routine dental visit, but Monica “Dr. Moe” Anderson, DDS is not your typical dentist. In addition to being a professional motivational speaker, columnist, mother of two, and former talk show host, she is the author of four books in three different genres. Each of Anderson’s books tackle thought provoking, current issues.

Male celibacy is central to the plot of her latest novel, I Stand Accused. Anderson says being the mother of two sons motivated her to explore this taboo topic.
“Before I had sons, I thought parents of boys didn’t really worry about much beyond drugs and drive-bys. Goodness was I wrong. I worry about my sons as much as any mother of any daughter. There’s so much pressure for males to live up to stereotyped images like concealing their fears and ignoring pain. I simply wondered what would happen if a man said ‘no’.”

The 44-year-old chalked up her first bestseller with her 2006 fiction debut, When ASistah’s FED UP. The steamy novel about a pioneering female mayor who is tired of being overworked and taken for granted appeared on Essence Magazine’s list of national bestsellers three times. Dr. Moe’s two novels were self-published by her company, TyMAC Books. The Texas native cites her interest in communication skills as the inspiration for her first book, Black English Vernacular, an educational, but humorous, dictionary of Ebonics. Her other nonfiction book, Mom, Are We There Yet?, is a collection of essays from her seven-year stint as a humor and relationship columnist with a major daily newspaper.

The multi-faceted doctor’s about face from Terry McMillanesque chic lit to the perfect male’s point of view was very intentional. “During my last national book tour, I was constantly being accused of male bashing by men who hadn’t even read When A Sistah’s FED UP solely because of the title,” Anderson recalls. “So I penned a story with a wonderful male as the protagonist. He’s an eye doctor whose father was murdered when he was seventeen. Now, he’s an adult struggling to balance the demands of his career and loved ones while remaining a man of principle and self-control.”When she’s not filling teeth or doing root canals, Anderson is on her first multi-city book tour to include family members. Her 18 and 20-year-old sons are the cover models for I Stand Accused. “It’s a family business,” she says, laughing. “I can think of worse family vacations.”

Monica Frazier Anderson, D.D.S. is the author of four books, including the Essence bestseller When A Sistah’s Fed Up. She resides in Texas. Dr. Anderson is a graduate of Baylor University and the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
I Stand Accused: A Novel
By Monica Frazier Anderson
TyMAC Books Trade Paperback
On Sale: Now / Price: $12.95 / ISBN: 0-97863781-X

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