The Beauty of Scars

I have had two major abdominal surgeries along with a dozen or so other incisions, scrapes, cuts, and bumps. They make my skin darker or lighter. They change the texture of my birthday suit from satin to sand. My scars draw attention to themselves as if to say, “Look at me! I made it through!” I hide a few scars only because they happen to be under the clothes I’ve chosen for the day. I understand people who don’t want to show their scars. I don’t judge them because I don’t know their wounds. I don’t know their pain.

My story is that in every place I have a scar, my body was torn in half by disease or by design. Now, I am healed in those places and I don’t hurt anymore. I am well. I’m still here. That’s what I think when I see my scars.

2019 All rights reserved. Monica F. Anderson.

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