Thou Shall Recognize A Real Man (A Poem)

If a man is intimidated by your roar or curriculum vitae, he’ll ask questions like “What can I do for you that you can’t do for yourself?” Don’t even bother answering. Only the Wizard of Oz can give a man courage. A real man, young or old, rich or blue-collar will roar back with words like…

I know you have all this and do all that.
I’m proud of you.
But a little after five
During your post-war drive,
When the world stops choking because
You’ve temporarily released your grip on its throat;
Let me be your safe place to rest.

Feeling strong or feeling weak.
Talking nonstop or–barely speak.
I understand
Even when I don’t understand.

If the kids…job..BFF..let you down
I’m your rock that won’t drown
In your tears.
I am and will be here.
Just a hug?
Okay. Just a hug today.

When you don’t know where to turn or who to trust,
Turn to me first.
Even if you fall in your dreams,
I’ll catch your imagination.
I’ll authentically celebrate your good news.
You watch the game with me and
I’ll watch “The View” with you.

It’s all good
As long as we precedes do.
Your people will be my people.
Your children are my children.
Your cat is, uhm, a nice pet and
I’ll feed him while you’re gone.

This is what I offer you
That credit cards can’t buy
Faith, hope, charity.
I’m trusting you and you CAN trust me.
When it’s flight or fight and you need a soldier,
I’ll make Harm surrender.

You don’t have to change for me
I love every
Beautiful, passionate, unpredictable, accomplished, CONFIDENT
Inch-of-you, my Queen.
All the time.
And I’m strong enough
That you don’t have to be weak.

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