What’s Your Excuse?

Don’t you just hate excuses? Dictionary.com defines an excuse as a plea for release from an obligation or promise. That’s why no one likes them. An excuse means a promise was broken. It means somebody didn’t do what they said they would do when they said they would do it and now, a day late, they want to talk about why they didn’t do it. Cougars want to hear about the “possibility” of the ball being dropped before the actual event. That way we’re prepared for ball droppage and have an alternate plan of action.

For example, I’m carpooling to an event, Shabooboo is driving and we have tickets for a play at 7 PM. I want a text at 6:15 pm saying, “I’m stuck in traffic,” not a frantically honking horn in my driveway at 7:05 and shouts of “Girl, hurry up. We’re late.” Yes, I have some ghetto gal pals in my bouquet of friends. But even ghetto gals know what time it is. That’s foul off work and it’s foul at work.

Here’s the thing. We all hate getting excuses from others. Most of us don’t relish having to give excuses to others. But what about making excuses to yourself? What promises have you broken to the most important person in your life. Quick! Hold your breath until you pass out. See how important you are to you? If you don’t breathe, you die. If you don’t thrive, you die emotionally and that may be even worse.

So why don’t you exercise? No excuses. Why don’t you take that class? No excuses. Why haven’t you written that book? No excuses. Why don’t you get some rest or have a website? Act like your life depends on it and the universe will open doors you haven’t even knocked on. There is a way. Look for it harder. Ask yourself “How can I?” rather than telling yourself, “I can’t.”

You have choices. When you choose not to do what’s in your best interest. You break a promise to yourself. What’s your excuse?

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