Actress Karen Abercrombie On Life After “War Room”

Karen Abercrombie is an award-winning actress, producer, storyteller, singer, songwriter and so much more. After her break-out starring role as Ms. Clara in the 2015 faith-based blockbuster “War Room,” she became a household name internationally. Today, she has her own production company and she’s on a mission to share her gifts and her faith with the world. In this episode, she discusses her latest project, the critically acclaimed movie “Discarded Things” which she co-wrote, produced, and starred in. 

Other topics she discusses with Dr. mOe include:

Acting classes with Angela Bassett and Judi Dench

Growing up in church

Being typecast after “War Room”

Forgiveness and redemption

Foster kids

Being a reformed party girl 🙂

Watch “Discarded Things” for free on YouTube or stream it on Amazon Prime or Pureflix.

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