I Stand Accused: Reviewed by APOOO Book Club

I Stand Accused by Monica Frazier Anderson is a great novel outlining the details of a poor families strife. James was the eldest of nine children. Growing up he had to share a room, bed, clothes and everything he ever owned. Ready and willing to help his mother out to the fullest, James had to prove that he could be all that he could be so he set out to conquer the world. After his father’s untimely death he had to step up and be the man of the house, working, watching his siblings and taking care of home. Did all of these extra responsibilities make James bitter? Will he be able to conquer all, or just head in the wrong direction due to, too much pressure?

Tracy is James’ first love from middle school. Coming from a well-off family and being spoiled Tracy loved James unconditionally. Time and space separated the two and fifteen years later they were reunited. Will the sparks jump off for those two, or will there just be a fizzle?

James was very ambitious and grew up to be a respectable doctor, but he has a secret that is haunting him. Will he ever be able to live happily ever after, or will the burden of his dark secret hinder all that he has worked so hard to accomplish?

Monica Frazier Anderson’s I Stand Accused is a must read from beginning to end. Her fans will not be disappointed in this hit. I was held captive trying to figure ouT what the secret was only to be very surprised at the ending and all that this poor, unfortunate family endured. This was a great book; I look forward to reading more from Ms. Anderson.

Reviewed by: Cheryl Hays, July 2007, APOOO Book Club

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