At Last

My mother taught me to except compliments–“The lady said your dress is pretty, say thank you, Honey.”

College taught me to except constructive criticism–“This paper is good but it needs a lot of work. Your transitions are too abrupt. B+”

Having children taught me to be selfless–“Mom, I’m still hungry. Are you gonna eat that bacon?”

Religion taught me to have faith–“The substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not seen.”

It took almost fifty years for me to learn to ask for help. Not delegate responsibility. That’s different. But to simply say aloud, “I cannot do this alone. I need help…Go with me…Stay with me…I’m tired…I’m so very sad.” Love, not cancer, taught me that lesson. I wrote it before I believed it, but now I know it’s true. The love of my life is not the one who admires my strength, but the one I can trust with my weakness. At last.

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