Billie Jean Isn’t The Mother of Michael’s Kids (7/26/12)

They are having a big event for bloggers in Austin next month. It’s “exclusive” for “top bloggers” with a “large following.” How in the world I got invited, I don’t know and didn’t ask. Kinda made me nervous though because it occurred to me they may actually read some of my blogs and uninvite me. I don’t write about reality tv, celebrities, or gossip. None of those things interest me greatly and the Nielsen ratings make it clear I am quite possibly alone in my opinion among 44 million viewers. So today on the off chance that someone besides my friend Donell is reading my blogs, I am going to combine reality tv, celebrities and gossip just to show I could write about them if I wanted to. So Michael Jackson’s mom got kidnapped by her daughter, Janet Jackson, and her grandson Tito Too got custody of Paris, Blanket, and Jeff or whatever they call the other one. Janet is so angry about Michael not leaving her his record collection that she slapped Paris. I personally believe Janet is hungry. She has been on a diet for 10 years. Paris has taken the perfect teens revenge and is tweeting about the family we already know has more problems than the Kennedys. That takes some effort but can you imagine the Kennedys feuding in the streets of Boston? Running over someone? Yes but not public fighting. The Colin Powells slapping anyone in the sunlight? You know Marie doesn’t like Donnie but has she tweeted about it? No. The Jacksons need to just get a loan. Can’t we all just get a loan?

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