Candy Santana Is More Than A Pretty Face

Actress Candy Santana
You may recognize Candy Santana from her long list of movie credits like “Blue Bloods”, “Blowback”, and “Road House”. This New York native and first gen immigrant has many more titles than “actress”, however. She has earned degrees in Economics and Public Administration. In 2016, she graduated from law school! She is a movie producer who recently released her first project “Metamorphosis” which was nominated for Best Drama at the Cannes Short Film Festival. ANNNDDDD she is the author of the Amazon Bestseller “The Manifestor’s Journey.”
In this video podcast, Candy chats with host Dr. mOe Anderson about her digital marketing agency C.O.V.E. Media. She shares simple, yet effective strategies any personal brand or business should use to increase visibility and sales.
Topics discussed in this episode include online marketing, social media ads, why engagement matters more than the number of followers, branding, and the importance of telling a good story.
See a preview of Candy’s short film on IMDB
Connect with Candy and learn more about her services on her websites
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