Deltareviewer, aka Monique Bruner I Stand Accused Pre-publication Review April 2007

I Stand Accused
Monica Anderson
TyMAC Books
May 17, 2007
5 Stars

You can’t pick your family no matter how hard you try. James was the oldest boy in a family of nine and he made the most of his challenging upbringing.
James became the head of the household when his rolling stone father was murdered. His mother was a God-fearing mother that survived frequent domestic abuse and lacked self-esteem. His brother suffered a career ending injury and his other sibling all had issues. Still James managed to graduate at the top of his class earning a full scholarship to college. James worked his way through optometry school and is now a partner in a small practice.
James eased through life living alone and taking care of his family vowing never to have children of his own. Until his best friend and top Mary Kay salesman, Ren, caught up with Tracy aka “Sooty” James’ high school sweetheart. After reuniting with his old flame the dark dreams returned with a vengeance and his past came colliding with the present. What actually happened in his childhood that keeps his dreams violent and heart so detached?
I STAND ACCUSED is a poignant story of family, forgiveness, and secrets. The character development along with the vivid description of relationships and details of the drama keep the pages turning in rapid succession. The supporting characters add color to the storyline while uncovering the Adams family secret. Anderson’s sophomore project has an air of mystery and suspense with a touch of love laced with family drama. You won’t be disappointed with this southern family tale.

Reviewed By – Deltareviewer
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