Designer Labels

Designer labels on clothing don’t necessarily equal higher quality. Higher prices? Yes. Designer labels on people work the same way. They may be deceptive, as well.

People labels are derived from superficial observations like a surname(Windsor), an address (Fifth Avenue), or a degree from a prestigious school (Yale Law). The less elite among us may get an adjective forever stapled to our reputation like a scarlet letter because of a single action. Every girl who ever dug in her stilettos and yelled at injustice knows the label given strong willed women. Let’s just say it rhymes with witch.

So what do you do with a label you didn’t choose and can’t delete? One, you can accept the label and the definition. Say, for example, be a proud gold-digger. Two, accept the label and define yourself. There is no three. You cannot stop others from calling you names. But–what you can stop is believing other people know your future because of your past.

Only you define your present and determine your future. Labels are about your past. The corrective lenses of time and experience should give us better vision and purpose each day. Cougars in the wild don’t dwell on past mistakes or others’ negative opinions. Neither should you. Mercilessly chase your dreams and let success define you.

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