Fear Itself

In 1933, FDR said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” For that place, and that time, he was right. Nearly eight decades later, the only thing a woman should fear is the absence of fear.

What is fear really? It’s just an emotion, concern, or anxiety about something unknown. It’s not the event or the person. It is our reaction to it. Imagine a life without fear. Without fear of poverty, would you work so hard to be successful in your career? Without fear of obesity, would you exercise and eat weeds disguised as food? Without fear of losing your partner, would you really be monogamous? Fear can be a powerful motivator. In these cases, fear challenges us; spits in our face and dares us to be a better person than we really want to be. We overcome it, rejoice, then find it again a few miles later at the next blind turn in our lives.

Fear can also paralyze us. For example, when it keeps us from leaving a bad relationship, because we think a piece of a man is better than no man. Is that really a good reason not to move on from a bad relationship, a bad job, a bad anything?

When animals are trapped, they attack. Defense may win games, but offense is the reason we play. If something or someone has you backed into a corner with no simple way to escape, don’t crouch down waiting for the next blow. Use the same fear that got you in that position to get you out. Attack! Fear is an emotion; you CAN decide how you’ll react to it. Always remember, you are the Queen of the Jungle.

Act like it.

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