When A Sistah’s Fed Up: Reviewed by Just About Books

Outstanding (5 Stars): Fed Up to the Max!

In When A Sistah’s Fed Up, Faith Henry has everything a successful woman could possibly want. As the wife of her college sweetheart, mother of two “seemingly” perfect children and the first African American Mayor of Ulysses, Texas, Faith doesn’t know whether she is coming or going with her busy schedule.

At the very beginning, she’s almost killed by a sniper’s bullet. But her family seems to be interested in her accident for only a moment. They are all too involved with their own lives to worry about Faith. Her husband, Preston, feels that his wife’s place is to take care of her home and not the entire city. Sloan, her self-centered daughter in college, is involved in a secret relationship with a man twice her age. Trey, her teenage son, is suffering from an identity crisis and wanting teenage girls.

Things heat up when Faith secretly falls in love with Raymond, her male administrative assistant. Then, a personal decision that she made years ago comes back to haunt her. Now up for re-election, Faith has no choice but to come to grips with her past, as well as her future. She’s fed up!

Reviewed by Cheryl Robinson, Just About Books Talk Show Book Reviews, November 8, 2006

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