Just Grow Up

Being grown and having a checkered past does not stop you from having some very immature thoughts about other folks at times. I try to be good and think noble stuff but sometimes very not so noble stuff pops into my head like “What in the world possessed her to buy that dress?” I remind my better self that some articles in my wardrobe have been subjected to criticism. Doesn’t work. The closest I come to goodness is not saying what I’m thinking out loud. So then I recall my kinfolks telling me that if you think something bad, it’s the same as doing it. Really? I might as well lean over and incriminate my BFF in that case. Wait. There goes that little voice again, “Give not those words a tongue.” Thank goodness for technology. I whip out my phone, put a very serious expression on my face as if I have world affairs to repair, and text my BFF across the table, “OMG what is up with that dress?” She text back, “I was thinking the same thing. We are horrible. LOL!” I respond, “It’s only horrible if we tell her what we think.”
So for those of you aged 17 going on 30, waiting for everyone to grow up. I’m afraid discretion and politeness is about all you’re gonna get for the wait. Don’t say nobody warned you. LOl!

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