Lessons from Wonderland (with Audio)

(Audio) Lessons from Wonderland With Dr. mOe Anderson 

Sometimes really bad things happen to really good people but, oft times, we invite trouble in before it even knocks. Heck, we text trouble and arrange to meet it after work, occasionally! Don’t we?

Take my infamous friend Alice of Wonderland, USA.. It’s unanimously agreed her life was a mess of her own choosing. Real quickly, here are three lessons we can learn from her about avoiding “optional” problems.

1. Stay out of dark holes (and dark alleys and dark cars and dark offices.)Seek the light. As I heard Bill Cosby say recently, “If you’re not in the picture, you can’t be framed.”

2. Don’t take advice on the direction of your life from cats up a tree, on probation, or in financial ruin unless that’s where you want to go.

3. Beware of condescending royal hignesses with overly large heads. If your friend is always compelled to be brutally honest (in their opinion) with you–and they never have anything nice to say–that’s not your friend. Friends don’t hate on you.

Fact is, what you seek is inside of you, not in the looking glass.

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