One Thing

People have marveled at my resume for years. I don’t think they are as impressed by what I’ve done as they are by the number of career paths I’ve pursued at the same time. Juggling, multitasking, time tasking, burning both ends, and exhaustion are all areas of expertise for me. I got it from my mama who has four degrees and earned her Doctorate in Theology a year ago. Dad was not a slouch but he knew how to take it easy. In fact, while I emulated my mother, I envied my father his professional ability to do one thing.

Literally, one thing. If Dad was grilling, he only grilled. He didn’t make a salad or beans. He didn’t set the table or wash dishes. He stoood by that grill and flipped those burgers until they were done. If he needed something from the kitchen, he sent me to get it. When he watched my younger sister, he literally sat with the baby. No folding clothes or talking on the phone. He had the tv on. He watched the tv and he watched her. One eye on each. Even now, he pulls over to talk to OnStar.

So I learned from those guys that the path from A to B doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. And we have every right to switch lanes or styles until we find the one that suits us best.

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