Permission Granted

Wow. I’ve got great news, Cougars! From the one who made everything, from nothing, in no time flat, ahead of schedule, and under budget comes this universal decree:

We have permission to be human.

This is huge. We can make mistakes and not flail ourselves with spike covered guilt. We may fail miserably and not wallow in shame. We can put all of our right foot in our mouth and chew it to shreds before we realize our words are bitter. Not that we want to–but we can–and we will. We may forget something important occasionally like our best friend’s 10-year anniversary of sobriety. We don’t intend to forget. It’s oh so important to her, therefore, it’s important to us. But, in the hustle and bustle of life, we may not glance at our reminders until the next day. Guess what? It happens. We can call still call her and it’s quite alright. You still reliving that break up? Did you kick Mr. Pretty Close To Right to the curb for a supremely idiotic reason? If he’s really the one, you’ll be together again and he’ll forgive you when you apologize.

So, dahlin’ be late. Be impatient. Be imperfect occasionally. You’re not a machine. Accept the wrongness of thinking you will always be right. The human body is 60% water. The brain is a startling 70% water. Go with the flow. To err is human. Accept it. Move on.

Live. Learn. Roar!

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