Picking Up The Pieces (My Theater Acting Debut) 2/14/14


The year is off to a great start! Feeling so blessed and excited as I embrace the power of now in my new 100%. In December, I had my first acting role in a fabulous short by Mikki C Mikki, author/award winning director/producer. Now, I have the amazing opportunity to play a (small) role in Jeannette Hill’s new stage play, “Picking Up The Pieces.” The premiere is 2/14/14 in Austin, Texas. Check out this video promo. That’s me at 1:07!

Last year, I began a season of placing landmines at my personal and professional boundaries that included new experiences like interviewing Jennifer Hudson on the Red Carpet at Megafest, attending a blogger’s conference in Harlem to learn the business of social media, writing my first review of a musical, and speaking at the 143rd Annual Texas Dental Association conference.

Still, the best part of last year–of every year–was the time spent with family and friends. I’ll share more about one particularly fun experience in my role as grandmother in my next blog. Stay tuned…

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