Sustainable Living

Tasha is so gorgeous she can recycle men for money. Yep, it’s true. She keeps dating the same guy over and over. Oh, he looks different. He has a different name and a different six-figure occupation. He showers her with expensive presents and exotic trips for the first 90 days of the relationship. Then, it’s recycle day and poof he’s on to the next pretty young thing. Tasha’s a cute shorty so she deletes and repeats. Now, what happens when Tasha is the same age as her hip measurements? Her formal education consists of a Ph.D. in shopping at Nordstroms with someone else’s credit card. That’s not much of a retirement plan.

We all agree we can’t keep polluting and wasting mother nature’s abundant gifts the way we have since the dawn of the Industrial Age. But what about you? Are you properly using and recycling your natural gifts? Now, that you’ve learned to reduce your carbon footprint, how about the footprints on your body? How much non recyclable waste is on your shoulders? Your neck? Your back? Are you living a sustainable life?

For most of us, the term “sustainable” immediately brings to mind the environment and efforts to decrease our insatiable consumption of the earth’s natural resources. The term is not only applied to ecology and agriculture, but also to design, business, and development. I suggest you apply the concept to your lifestyle.

Even though we are just emerging from the worst recession since the depression, Kim is still living from paycheck to paycheck. She works in a niche industry where demand is very high for her services so she never worries about layoffs. She has no health insurance, but she’s young so she does the urgent care thing when her sinuses get too congested. All it takes is one rear end collision to lay Kim off and knock her out financially. A savings account would sustain her for a few months, but she’ll have to find out the hard way.

Nina works 70 hours a week, never works out, and she likes her butter fried. Ellen drag races her muscle car on the highway. Both women could crash any day. Neither is living a sustainable life.

We all make mistakes–lots of ’em. That’s why a personal growth plan is imperative. We must always try to improve ourselves and make fewer mistakes. Every evening we review our day to see if our choices can be recycled into something profitable and positive. If not, we ATTEMPT to permanently dispose of the trash. Caution: it takes time to get the junk out of your life, off of your back. Sometimes you think it’s not worth the trouble. Just remember, communities that conserve their resources are better places to live.

And women who do likewise live longer…and better.

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