Thank You For The Lessons 2020. You May Leave Now

I’m embarrassed but I have a confession. I lost 350 of my 365 heavyweight rounds with 2020…BUT I’m still standing. I also learned 3 critical life lessons that I will never forget.

1. Instant mashed potatoes can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner and they don’t seem to spoil.

2. If you have made a decision and you really don’t want input, put it at the end of a long email where no one on your team will read it.

3. I am the only person on earth who thinks responding to an important text 24 hrs later is cruel and unusual but I have adopted the custom to fit in.

4. Pants are awful and hot. What was I thinking all these years?

5. Yes, I said 3 lessons but so what? Where was I?

6. Hugs are incomparable. I will savor every one I receive for the rest of my life.

Thank you for this life altering wisdom 2020. You may go now.